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Dealing With Smoke Odor After a Fire: Tips and Tricks

Experiencing a housefire is one of the most devastating things for a homeowner and their family. Once the flames are out and the family reenters the home, the grieving and hard work must begin. This is where things can become even more challenging. Unfortunately, understanding how to navigate this trying time does not come with a rule book. We’ll discuss how to deal with smoke odor after a fire and offer tips and tricks to help you recover and rebuild.

Factors Affecting Odor Removal

It’s a common fire restoration misconception that tackling smoke odor after a fire is a relatively simple process. However, external factors often affect the odor removal process:

  • The type of soot produced by the fire
  • The size of the affected area(s)
  • How much time passed post-fire
  • The materials that burned during the fire

Homeowners may grow frustrated after attempting to remove the odor themselves a few times to no avail. The molecules released into the air, paint, drywall, wood, or wallpaper also play significant roles in odor removal.

Clean or Remove the Affected Items

One of the best ways to kickstart the odor elimination process is to clean or remove affected items. This can include furniture, home décor, and fabrics that might have occupied the space. You can deep clean these items or replace them altogether.

If you’re worried about the cost of replacing your items, you should immediately reach out to your homeowner’s insurance provider after a fire to discuss your options. This is also an opportunity for you to grieve and rebuild the affected spaces in a new, uplifting way, so try not to let the hard work consume your emotions.

Ventilate the Property

Regardless of how many items you remove or clean from the affected areas, you’ll want to begin ventilating the property. Consider opening the windows in the areas that did not experience fire damage to improve air circulation. Smoke odor and particles can linger even in protected spaces, so don’t write off ventilation throughout your property.

Consider Fresh Paint

Another way you can manage the smoke odor yourself is by applying fresh coats of paint throughout your home. Clean all surfaces before painting, and apply a fresh coat in your preferred color to elevate the space with newness and combat lingering smoke odors.

Repainting the property is one way of dealing with the smoke odor after a fire, allowing you to rebuild and recover with a clean slate. These tips and tricks may not suit all properties or odors left by fires. If you clean the space, remove damaged items, paint, and still find yourself battling pesky odors, it’s time to call the professionals.

Call the Professionals

Redline Emergency Solutions is a reputable smoke damage remediation company in Dallas and Fort Worth that can evaluate the lingering odors in your property and bring you much-needed resolution. Partner with a member of our team today to receive your property’s custom estimate, and learn all the ways you can get your property and well-being back to normal in the wake of a tragedy.